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Judy Toll was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1958. Her acting career started at an early age when she joined a local theater group and performed in musicals. After graduating from The University of Massachusetts with a degree in Communications, Judy moved back to Philadelphia. She started doing stand up comedy in the local clubs and became very popular.

In 1981, Judy moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television and film. Soon she was part of the comedy scene that formed in Los Angeles in the early 80's, which included comedians such as Sam Kinison, Elayne Boosler, Robin Williams and Jim Carey. Judy performed as a headliner at comedy clubs across the country including The Comedy Store, Caroline's Comedy Club and The Improv.

Judy was accepted into the world famous Groundlings Theater improv group in 1984, where she was an instant success doing what she truly loved: performing onstage as different characters. In 1988, the Groundlings Theater initiated a new program to produce an original stage play. Judy, along with Wendy Goldman, wrote the play, "Casual Sex,"which ran for a year, won several awards, and was made into a feature-length movie produced by Ivan Reitman.

After the success of Casual Sex, Judy continued acting and stand up, but was also in great demand as a writer. She wrote on television shows such as Boy Meets World, Alright Already, and The Geena Davis Show. Judy appeared in numerous movies and television shows including, Skin Deep, Honeymoon Academy, Inside Out, Red Shoe Diaries and Curb Your Enthusiasm, to name a few. She can still be seen performing her stand- up act on Comedy Central, MTV and A&E. Although Judy preferred acting to writing, she loved her job as a writer/consultant for Sex and the City.

Judy succumbed to cancer on May 2, 2002 after a five year battle. She will always be remembered as a fun-loving, vibrant woman whose legacy is laughter.

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